David K. Bernard | Bugs


All were in nature and in Austin, TX, except as noted

Ant, Acrobat

Ant, Fire, Queen

Bee Swarm

Bee, Honey

Bee, Leafcutter, Mating

Beetle, 7-Spotted Lady

Beetle, Click

Beetle, Eyed Click

Beetle, Green June

Beetle, Hairy Flower Scarab

Beetle, Ironclad

Beetle, Mottled Tortoise

Beetle, Multicolored Asian Lady, Nymph

Beetle, Water Scavenger

Bug, Assassin (Acanthapsis), Camouflage

Bug, Assassin, Nymph

Bug, Bordered Plant, Mating

Bug, Large Milkweed

Bug, Leaf-Footed (Leptoglossus)

Bug, Leaf-Footed (Narnia), Nymph

Bug, Uhler's Giant Water, Eating

Bumblebee with Pollen

Bumblebee, Hunt's (CO)

Bumblebee, Tricolored (MT)

Butterfly, Arctic Blue (CO)

Butterfly, Black Swallowtail 1

Butterfly, Black Swallowtail 2

Butterfly, Bordered Patch

Butterfly, Crescent Phaon

Butterfly, Gulf Fritillary

Butterfly, Monarch (SPI)

Butterfly, Olive Hairstreak

Butterfly, Silvery Checkerspot

Butterfly, Southern Dogface

Butterfly, Texas Tawny Emperor

Cicada, Molting

Cicada, Superb Dog Day

Cochineal Insect

Cockroach, Pale Bordered Field

Cricket, Camel

Damselfly, Citrine Forktail

Damselfly, Common Blue

Damselfly, Fragile Forktail 1, Mating

Damselfly, Fragile Forktail 2, Mating

Dragonfly, 4-Spotted Pennant

Dragonfly, Common Green Darner (SPI)

Dragonfly, Common Whitetail

Dragonfly, Eastern Pondhawk (LA)

Dragonfly, Neon Skimmer

Dragonfly, Wandering Glider

Dragonfly, Widow Skimmer, Female

Earwig, Ring-Legged

Fly, Crane

Fly, Mydas, Mating

Fly, Robber

Fly, Soldier

Grasshopper, Alutacea Bird

Grasshopper, Aztec Spur-Throated

Grasshopper, Bird, Nymph

Katydid, Broad-Tip Conehead

Katydid, Female

Lacewing, Green

Louse, Bark

Mantid, Carolina


Mite, Spider

Moth, Bagworm

Moth, Ermine

Moth, Imperial

Moth, Polyphemus 1

Moth, Polyphemus 2

Moth, Tersa Sphinx

Moth, Wavy-Lined Emerald

Moth, White-Lined Sphinx

Sawfly Larva

Scorpion, Striped-Back



Skipper, Sachem 1

Skipper, Sachem 2

Spider, Bold Jumping

Spider, Orbweaver to Moon

Spider, Orbweaver

Spider, Spiny-back Orbweaver 1

Spider, Spiny-back Orbweaver 2

Spider, Striped Lynx

Spider, Tarantula

Termite, Drywood

Walkingstick, 2-Striped, Mating 1

Walkingstick, 2-Striped, Mating 2 (small male)

Wasp Gall

Wasp, Black & Yellow Mud Dauber

Wasp, Cicada Killer

Wasp, Common Paper

Wasp, Cuckoo

Wasp, Red Paper