David K. Bernard | Israel Jerusalem A

Israel Jerusalem A

Jerusalem (1 of 2 folders) from trips in 1980, 2010, 2014, 2017, 2019. A few pictures from others.

Dome of Rock from Mt of Olives

Haas Promenade, 3 Valleys (Shin)

Hinnom, Mt Zion, Central Valley

Kidron Valley, Mt Scopus, Mt Olives

St Peter in Gallicantu

Mt Zion, Church of the Dormition

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Mt Moriah

Dome of the Rock

Al Aqsa Mosque, Ophel Archeological Park

Mt Moriah, Dome of Rock

Kidron Valley from Mt of Olives

Temple Mt (Moriah)

Temple Mount

Golden (Eastern) Gate, Muslim Graves

Mount of Olives, Graves

Jewish Graves

Mt of Olives Churches

Bernards 2010


Mt of Olives, Mt Moriah 2019

Mt Moriah

Mt Moriah

Al Aqsa, South Wall

Southwest Wall

Church of the Dormition of Mary

Holy Sepulchre, Dome of Rock

Dome of the Rock

Dung Gate (Southeast)

Temple Mount Sign

Temple Columns 1st C

Al Asqa Mosque

Al Aqsa

Al Aqsa

Ceremonial Washing

Dome & Rainbow

Dome of the Rock AD 691

Arch & Dome

Domes of Rock & Chain

Dome of the Rock

Dome & Bernards 2010

Dome Closeup

Quotes from Quran

Dome Interior 1980

Rock of Abraham

Rock of Abraham

Dome of the Chain

West of Dome

Holy of Holies (right), Dome of Tablet

Area of Holy of Holies

Churches of Redeemer & Sepulchre

Dome & West Stairs

Souk Al-Qattanin (Market) 737, 1394

Minaret, Wall, Dome

Jewish Quarter

Yeshivas (Schools)

Entrance to Wall Plaza

Sign to Western Wall

Coming for Sabbath

Orthodox Jews

Group Dance, Western Wall

Soliders Sabbath Dance

Solders Sabbath Dance

Western Wall 2010

Western Wall



Western Wall 2014

Western Wall

Men Praying

Women Praying




Western Wall 2019

Western Wall

Prayer at Wall

Prayer at Wall

Prayer at Wall

Prayer Requests

Sabbath at Wall 2017

Western Wall, Dome of Rock

Western Wall

Prayer at Western Wall

Al Aqsa Mosque

Western Wall Roman Street


Torah Case



Prayer Shawl

Prayer Inside

Prayer Shawl

Wall Tunnel, Herod

Western Wall

Western Wall Below

Warren's Gate, Temple Area

Near Holy of Holies

Mikveh (Ritual Bath) 1st C

Room 1st C, Destruction

Burnt from 1st C


South Wall, Robinson Arch

Market West of Temple

Market, AD 1st C Street

Southwest Wall

Stones Romans Threw

Ophel Archeological Park

South Wall, Medieval Palace

South Wall Ruins

Steps of Jesus 1st C

Group on Steps 2014

Beautiful Gate

South Wall Huldah Gate

Mikvehs (Immersion), Acts 2

Mikveh, Southern Steps

Jewish Quarter

1st Temple Era Wall 6 C BC

1st Temple Era Wall

1st Temple Era Wall

Roman Road, Cardo Maximus

Cardo Picture

Cardo Shops



Hurva Synagogue

Hurva Synagogue


Flags, Yeshiva



City of David Courtyard


Jeremiah's Pit

City of David, Old Mt Zion

St Peter in Gallicantu

New Mt Zion, Church of Dormition

Al Aqsa Mosque

Mt of Olives

Mt of Olives, Mosque

Kidron Valley from City of David

Silwan 9-7 C BC Tombs

Silwan Olive Trees

Jebusite & Israelite Wall

Jebusite Wall

Millo, Jebusite & David

Millo, 2 Sam 5.9

Stepped Stone Structure 13-11 C BC

Left, Nehemiah & Hasmonean

Millo, House


Millo Bottom

House of Ahiel 650 BC

House of Ahiel, Bullae House

Ahiel's Toilet, Burnt Room

Millo View to Top

Large Stone Structure

David's Palace

David's Palace

Capital, Bulla (Seal) Found

Jehucal Bulla

Canaanite Shaft to Gihon Spring

Canaanite Cistern 18 C BC

Pool Tower

Gihon Spring Fortress

Canaanite Tower 18 C BC

Bedrock, Abraham's Day

Gihon Spring

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Caananite Tunnel

Warren's Shaft (Natural)


Lower Wall



City of David Wall


Royal Tomb

Pool of Siloam

Under Street 1st C Rebels Hid

Mt Moriah Muslim Graves

Graves by Wall


Mount of Olives

Mount of Olives

Pillar of Absalom AD 1st C

Tombs, Benei Hezir & Zechariah 2C BC

Mt Olives, Church of Ascension (Top)

Russian Church of Mary Magdalene

Church of Mary Magdalene

Chapel Dominus Flevit (Lord Wept)

Dominus Flevit, Mary Magdalene

Church of All Nations (Roman Catholic)

Church of All Nations

Church of All Nations

Church of All Nations



Altar, Rock

Rock, Organ

Garden of Gethsemane

Tree 1000 Years, Roots 2000 Years

Olive Trees

Olive Tree

Olive Trees

Olive Tree

Olive Tree 55 Years Old

St Stephen, Kidron Valley

Greek Church of St Stephen's

Armenian Khachkar (Cross Stone) 2014

Greek Tower, Tomb of Mary

Bell Tower

Orthodox Tomb of Mary 12th C

Church of Mary's Tomb


Franciscan Grotto

Grotto of Gethsemane

Nuns, Tomb of Mujir al-Din

Traffic Jam 2010


Eastern (Golden) Gate

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Back

Muslim Chapel of Ascension

Quarry (Zedekiah's Cave)

Solomon's Quarry


Cut Stones

Cut in Quarry

Support Column

Damascus Gate (North)

Damascus Gate


Roman Pavement