David K. Bernard | Israel Jerusalem B

Israel Jerusalem B

Jerusalem (2 of 2 folders) from trips in 1980, 2010, 2014, 2017, 2019. A few pictures from others. Parentheses are for explanations & some doubtful designations.

Gordon's Calvary, Moriah

Gordon's Calvary View North

Top of Gordon's Calvary

Buses Below Gordon's Calvary

Cavern, Quarry

Gordon's Calvary

Gordon's Calvary

Garden Tomb 1st C

Tomb, Door Enlarged

Bernards, Tomb 2014

Middle, Byzantine Cross

Jesus Christ Alpha Omega

NE Niche (Possibly Christ's)

NE Niche Lengthened (for Someone Else)

DKB 2014 Communion

Executive Board Worship 2014

Garden, John 19.41


Wine Press


Stan Gleason 2010

DKB 2010

Jerusalem Bread

Herod's Gate (Northeast)

Herod's Gate

Lion's Gate (East, Stephen's)

St Anne's, Crusader Church

Bethesda, Greek Church

Pool of Bethesda

Pool of Bethesda

Via Dolorosa, Arch

Ecce Homo Arch, AD 2nd C

Arch, Hadrian

Nuns' Ascent

Convent, To Cistern

Roman Bullet AD 70

Medieval Cellar

Lithostrotos AD 2nd C, Hadrian

Roman Soldiers Game

Grooved Pavement


Marble Slab

Antonia Fortress Stones

Austrian Hospice, Ecce Homo Basilica, Antonia Tower

Armenian Church Lady of Spasm

Right, Yeshivat HaKotel

Churches of Redeemer, Holy Sepulchre

Monastery St Savior

Our Lady of Spasm (Agony)

Armenian Catholic Church

Church of Flagellation

Alexander Nevsky Church

Cardo Antiquities

D Moore, Joseph

Our Pieces 4000 BC to AD 1st C

Joseph, Connie

Korean Restaurant

St Mark's Syrian Orthodox

St Mark's

Aramaic Inscription

Icon (Supposed Mary by Luke)

Basement (Supposed Lord's Supper)

Priest, Aramaic Lord's Prayer

Restaurant, D Moore 2019


St John the Baptist

St John B, Greek 11th C

Mosque of Omar

Church of Holy Sepulchre, Mosque

Church of Holy Sepulchre

Holy Sepulchre Ethiopian

Church 7th & 11th C

Churches, 6 in 1

Disputed Ladder Unmoved from 18th C

Bell Tower


Lock, Neutral Muslim Has Key

(Stone of Anointing)



Catholicon Dome, Greek

Catholicon Dome

Roman Chapels of Mary & Nails

Our Lady of Sorrows

Calvary, Greek Orthodox

Crucifixion Altar



Altar, Hole for Cross

Hole for Cross

Calvary Rock (Earthquake)

Stained Rock Below (Blood)

Chapel of Adam (Buried Under Calvary)

Armenian Chapel of St Helena

Chapel of Finding of Cross

Cistern (Found Cross in 4th C)

(Cross Identified by Healing)

Franciscan Friars

Chapel of Derision (Pole)

Crusader Graffiti

Prison of Christ Chapel, Roman

Greek Orthdox Chapel


Rotunda Dome

Tomb Shrine (Edicule)

Edicule 16th & 19th C

Edicule Front

Edicule Front

Edicule Entrance



Coptic Altar Back of Tomb

Lutheran Church of Redeemer

Church of the Redeemer

Muslim Quarter, Goat Cheese Dessert

Omer, Madeline, Anne, Karen, Dammans

Jewish Quarter Market




Connie 2014 Shopping

Greek Orthodox Priest

Armenian Quarter



Apartments by Jaffa Gate

Citadel, Jaffa Gate

Tower (of David), Herod's Palace

Courtyard 7th C BC


Northeast, Holy Sepulchre

East, John Baptist, Dome, Mt Olives

Southeast, Moab

South, Mt Zion, Dormition

Phasael Tower, Herod's Palace

Phasael Tower, Herod's Palace


Orthodox Jewish Girls

Jaffa Gate Plaza

Kilometer 0, Hadrian AD 132

Jaffa Gate Inside

Beard, by Jaffa Gate

Jaffa Gate

Jaffa Gate Outside (West)

Hinnom Valley, Windmill by Gate

Citadel, Western CIty

Tower of David 17C

Citadel at Night

Citadel Show

DKB Camel Ride Nov 1980

Zion Gate (Southwest)

Bullet Holes 1948

Church & Abbey of Dormition

Dormition (Sleep) of Mary

Abbey Bell Tower

Upper Room Courtyard

Upper Room

Statue of David

(David's) Tomb

(David's) Tomb


Upper Room 12-13th C


Inside Upper Room

Muslim Mihrab (Niche Toward Mecca)

DKB 2010

Worship 2010

Prayer 2014


St Peter in Gallicantu

St Peter in Gallicantu

St Peter in Gallicantu

House of Caiaphas

Steps 1st C, Jesus

Basement Cells




Entrance Hole

View of Dome

Mt Olives from Mt Zion

Church of the Ascension

Mt Moriah, Central Valley

Silwan (Siloam)

Israel Museum, Shrine of Book

Shrine of the Book

Isaiah Scroll Facsimile

Isaiah Scroll Original 2nd C BC

Aleppo Codex Oldest OT, AD 10th C

Jerusalem 1st C Model

Herod's Temple


South, City of David

East, City of David, Kidron Valley

West, Herod's Palace

North, Antonia Fortress

Knesset (Parliament)


Marc Chagall Tapestry Past

Chagall Tapestry Present

Chagall Tapestry Future

Chamber, Menorah Shape


Shema (Deut 6.4), Nation Building

Moses, Etc

Ezekiel, Dry Bones

Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum

Yad Vashem



Yad Vashem View

Ministry of Tourism

Uzi Landau, Minister of Tourism 2014

Urshan Graduate School Trip 2010

UGST Class

Bible College Dedication 2014

I Baxter, R McFarland

CSB Playing

DKB Speaking

Dedication Crowd

IBCJ Building

View from IBCJ

View from ICBJ

Hotel View 2010

Mezuzah (Door Scroll), Shin (Shaddai)

Hotel View 2019

Hotel View, Knesset

St Andrew's Scottish Church, Haas Promenade

Hinnom Valley, Wall, Churches

Hinnom Valley, Mosque, Church

Church of the Dormition

Montefiore Windmill 1857